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A conversation between two online marketing experts

Listen to the #HSonAir podcast interview of Mike Byrnes, President of Byrnes Consulting, hosted by Victor Gaxiola, Head of Customer Advocacy at Hearsay Systems.

Hear the discussion that covered these ten online marketing topics and more:

  1. The industry’s evolution and an update on where it is now when it comes to social media and things like attribution models.
  2. How business goals set what the social media tactics should be.
  3. Examples of metrics that can be used in an integrated online marketing strategy.
  4. Text messages, a mobile-first approach and digestible marketing content.
  5. Videos convincing prospects to make purchase decisions and being used to land client referrals.
  6. Personalized video emails making an emotional connection in an industry where humans want to work with humans.
  7. Facebook is overlooked by most financial advisors as a powerful word-of-mouth tool.
  8. Why being philanthropic and sharing charity-related content is smart.
  9. An example of a large company’s leader using social media and the organization’s monitoring approach.
  10. Having a hunger to continue to learn to stay ahead to best help the financial services industry.

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