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Avoid common business planning mistakes

Picture - Mistakes (Homer Simpson)Business planning don’ts

Don’t just keep your plan in your head

  • Putting your plan on paper helps you
    • hold your business accountable
    • define your strategies and prioritize major initiatives
    • identify metrics for success

Don’t make your plan too cumbersome

  • It is good to have details, but avoid making it overwhelming

Don’t be short sighted

  • Know how your short-term initiatives fit into the larger long-term plan

Don’t let your plan gather dust

  • Dedicate reoccurring time to review your goals

Don’t set your plan in stone

  • If new opportunities arise, don’t be afraid to reevaluate your priorities

Please share some of your best business planning tips!

And if you need help doing a business plan, contact Mike Byrnes for an initial consultation.

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